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VJ Day - Saturday 15th August 2020

Monday 27th July 2020

VJ Day - Saturday 15th August 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day, the end of the war in the Pacific and the end of World War Two.

Throughout the World from the UK to the USA to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore and many other countries, events are being held to celebrate the day and to remember who took part.

At Party Heaven, we have produced a range of VJ Day kits to enable people and businesses to commemorate one of the most important dates of the 20th Century.

Our VJ Day packages and products are perfect for street parties (socially distanced of course), family celebrations, Care Home, pubs, clubs and many other types of organizations holding events to mark the 75th Anniversary of WWII.

UK - VJ Day Decoration Packs, UK Topper Hats, UK Flags

USA - USA Decoration Packs, USA Stars and Stripes Bunting, USA Flags

Scotland - Scottish Decoration Packs, Scottish Bunting, Scotish Hats

England - English / St George's Decoration Packs, St George's Bunting, St George's Flags, St George's Hats

Wales - Welsh Bunting, Welsh Flags

Australia - Australian Boater Hats, Australian Bunting, Australian Flags

France - French Flags, French Bunting, French Hats 

Due to the UK being in full lock-down for the VE Day 75th Anniversary celebrations on May 8th, pubs, clubs, shops, cafes and Care Homes were unable to get behind the event in the way they usually would.  So, with the regulations having been relaxed and pubs, clubs cafes etc being re-opened, the emphasis has been placed on VJ Day 75th Anniversary celebrations - let's do it proud.  Promote, Decorate, Celebrate!

We've had shortages of some strange things in 2020, from flour to toilet rolls and from mountain bikes to bunting - yes, bunting, especially Union Jack and Red/White/Blue bunting!

Party Heaven sold out of its entire supply of Union Jack bunting and Red/White/Blue bunting for VE Day back in April and could have sold ten times more!

So, if you really want Union Jack bunting or VJ Day bunting, we have come up with a couple of 'do it yourself' ways to do this - one way is Party Heaven literally giving the opportunity to do it yourself for free, whilst at the same time, keeping the kids entertained and occupied!

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